Shyft Launches On-Site Group Mindfulness Meditations for the Workplace

I sure wish they’d had this when I was working in the corporate world. All I got were shin splints from doing aerobics on the cement cafeteria floor and brisk walks around the parking lot. I certainly don’t miss those days! Working at home I can set my own schedule to include breaks, some of which do include walking but others are meditation time. Both have their place and help to keep me “in the zone.”

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif., Sept. 28, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Shyft today announced the launch of its operations in California, offering its signature 30-minute guided on-site meditation program to promote mindfulness and reduce stress in the workplace. Developed by an experienced team of HR professionals, physicians and meditation experts, the Shyft meditations help improve corporate wellness and maintain productive and engaged employees.

Stress: Silently Costing Your Business

Stress has been called “the Black Plague of the 21st century.”  Studies indicate that 66% of employees suffer productivity loss due to stress in the workplace. Problems attributed to stress include poor employee health, missed deadlines, absenteeism, strained relations at work, and ultimately, employee attrition. The cumulative impact of stress costs US businesses over $300 billion every year. Shyft helps companies manage and minimize employee stress with a range of specially designed corporate meditation programs that can be easily integrated into existing employee wellness programs.

Our New Normal

Unlike other meditation programs, Shyft classes were specifically created by former corporate executives, physicians, and mindfulness experts to meet the needs of today’s employees.  “This is our new normal. In the Knowledge Era,  products and services are more intellectual, making human capital more important than ever.  An organization’s people, and their knowledge, skills, and imagination, are its primary asset.  The changing nature of our work, requires us to also shift our perspective of work, and how we can improve the mental, physical, and social health of our employees,” says Niosha Shakoori, attorney and HR Expert, and co-founder of Shyft.

“I equate our program to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs — after the basic needs of safety and security are met, we can move to the top level of the triangle — self-actualization or consciousness. Conscious people are self-aware, concerned with personal growth, and interested in fulfilling their potential.  We believe this happens best in real time and in person,” says Dr. Monisha Vasa, psychiatrist and co-founder of Shyft.

Small Shifts – Big Change

Shyft classes occur on a weekly basis, and provide a consistent opportunity to minimize stress, as well as enhance clarity and awareness.  “Our program is based on the premise that small shifts lead to big change,” according to co-founder and meditation teacher, Ayesha Soni.  She adds, “We don’t believe in overnight change. The most important shifts happen with regular doses of learning and effort. Week by week, meditation can create a cultural shift so that both employee and employer can better contribute to the well-being — physical, emotional, financial — of one another.”

As employers look for ways to ease the anxieties of overworked employees, workplace mindfulness meditation is spreading from Silicon Valley to old-school corporate America. Fortune 500 companies such as Nike, Google, and Apple offer in-house meditation classes.  Shyft provides a solution for companies also looking to incorporate a mindfulness based meditation program as part of their overall employee wellness program.

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About Shyft

Shyft offers a corporate mindfulness based meditation program to help companies manage and reduce employee stress. Their curriculum is designed by a team of physicians, HR experts, therapists, and experienced meditation teachers. For more information, visit

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